What Are Some Fun Games to Play at a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party?


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One fun game to play at a Mickey Mouse birthday party is a Mickey Mouse themed version of hide and seek. Another is to play "pin the tail on the Mickey," using a Mickey Mouse cut-out in place of the traditional donkey.

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To play the Mickey Mouse hide and seek game, print out or draw some pictures of the characters that are Mickey's friends, such as Donald Duck, Goofy and Minnie Mouse. Hide them throughout the house or yard and tell the birthday guests that Mickey and his friends are playing hide and seek and need to be found. Assign each guest a character or let everyone work as a team.

Another idea is a twist on the old game of "pin the tail on the donkey." Use a cut-out or picture of Mickey and let guests take turns wearing a blindfold while trying to pin the tail in the right spot. A piece of fabric or length of construction paper can be used for the tail. For younger kids, use an adhesive product instead of a push pin to attach the tail. A Mickey Mouse piñata can also make a fun party activity. If the kids are old enough, a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" trivia game can be a fun addition.

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