What Are Some Fun Games to Play With a House Full of Kids?


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Some fun games to play with a house full of kids include physical activities such as hide and seek, freeze tag, charades or various building activities using toys or other items in the house. Other games include scavenger hunts, trivia challenges or solving puzzles, depending on the children's ages.

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Physical games such as hide and seek or freeze tag are a great way to engage a group of children within a house, as long as there is appropriate space to play the game. While these games are typically played outside, it is possible to play indoors with proper instructions and rules, such as making certain dangerous areas are off-limits. Games such as charades are also fun, as they engage kids both physically and mentally but don't require a large play space. Though less physical, trivia games are also a great way to engage kids. The topics should cover areas in which the children are knowledgeable to keep their interest.

Building games are another fun way to involve a house full of kids in a single activity. If there aren't any building toys available, such as blocks or kits, use household items such as marshmallows and chopsticks or gumdrops and toothpicks. Larger building activities often include furniture and cushions to create forts, which also leads to other types of games.

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