What Are Fun Games to Play?

Fun games to play include Wink Murder, Continuing Novel and Partners In Pen. These games require a few props, papers and other players. Other fun games to play are online games such as "Fancy Pants Commander" and "Captain Commander," as well as educational games, such as Math Baseball and Sudoku.

Online games that are fun to play include "Empire," which allows users to turn a small castle into a mighty fortress, and "American Racer 2," which gives players the chance to burn rubber against opponents throughout the world. The online game "World of Warcraft" contains a user forum and community guides, and it is accessible on most smartphones.

Outdoor games such as ladder ball, tether ball, and soccer are popular. Other outdoor games that require specialized equipment include bocce ball, outdoor table tennis, horseshoes and hockey.

Fun games for children are Duck Duck Goose, tag and hopscotch. FunBrain.com offers several educational games for children, which includes a Math Arcade featuring games such as "Space Slingshot," "Cut It," "Blast Off" and "Space Slingshot." The site also features a virtual playground with kid-friendly games such as "Vine Time" and "Log Run." Fun and popular arcade games include Dodge, Hobo, Frantic and Medieval Shark.