What Are Some Fun Games to Play in the Car?

What Are Some Fun Games to Play in the Car?

Fun games to play in the car include searching games, guessing games, counting objects and map games. Ideal car games have few or no materials to make game play simple during a road trip.

Search or scavenger hunt games are popular on long car rides. Parents can make a list of objects kids are likely to see on the trip. Kids circle the objects as they see them. Another version is to have a list of states and cross off each one as the kids see license plate from that state. For an alphabet twist, kids read signs to find each letter starting with "A" and ending with "Z."

Guessing games get the whole family involved and help pass the time. "I Spy" is a classic game where players take turns describing an object while others guess what it is. This game works best when stuck in traffic or moving slowly so other players have time to look for the object before it is gone. Twenty Questions works in the car no matter how fast the vehicle moves.

A simple counting game involves kids counting certain objects as they see them, such as vehicles of a certain color or buildings more than two stories high. Have players race to see who can get to a certain number first.

A map of the route helps the kids track progress and doubles as a game. One player chooses a city or landmark on the map and calls out the name. The other players search the map to find the location.