What Are Some Fun Games to Play With Balloons?

What Are Some Fun Games to Play With Balloons?

Some fun games to play with balloons include balloon juggle, balloon pop, balloon balance, category challenge and balloon relay races. Another option is to use balloons in place of regular sports, such as balloon volleyball, baseball, soccer or tennis.

Balloon juggle is a simple game where players bat the balloon up in the air so it doesn't hit the floor. Playing with multiple balloons makes the game more challenging because players have to watch all the balloons and hit them back up in the air so they don't touch the floor.

In balloon pop games, kids race to pop balloons. For a variation, players must pop the balloons without using hands or pop them by squishing the balloons with partners.

In balloon balance, each player balances a balloon on a finger. The winner is the player who balances the balloon for the longest without it falling to the floor.

The category challenge game requires players to think quickly. The first player says a word that fits the selected category. If the category is animals, the person could say, "Dog." The player hits the balloon to another person, who must also say an animal and hit the balloon to someone else before it hits the floor.

In the balloon relay race, players take turns racing down a designated area while doing something with a balloon. Examples include walking while holding the balloon between the knees, balancing the balloon on a finger or hitting it up in the air without it touching the floor. When one player finishes, the next player takes a turn until the whole team is done.