What Are Some Fun Fox Games for Kids?


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Some fun online fox games are "Forest Run," "Winter Fox" and "Fox Creator." These games allow players to play as the fox or change how the fox looks.

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"Forest Run" is the most interactive of online fox games. The player runs and jumps with the fox character by using the mouse. A little red fox is the main character of the game, who goes through different areas of the forest. It goes through ravines, collects nuts and tries to avoid obstacles. "Winter Fox" is a simple game where the player customizes the look of a little girl fox. It is more like a dress-up game, where the character changes the fox's fur color, eye color, clothes and accessories. "Fox Creator" is another customizable game where the player changes the stripe on the fox's tail, adds different types of hair and chooses every aspect of the fox's body and wardrobe.

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