What Are Some Fun Duct Tape Projects for Kids?


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Some ideas for duct tape projects for kids are neon duct cuffs, a duct tape ring, a duct tape pouch with a zipper and a duct tape watch band. Other ideas include duct tape feather earrings, a duct tape mask and duct tape storage boxes. Some ideas for creating decorative items with duct tape include making tablecloths and duct tape bunting that can be added to presents, doorways or frames.

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Three colors of tape, bracelet fasteners and fastener clips, needle nose pliers and jewelry glue are required to make the duct tape cuff. The first step is to pull off a 12-inch long strip of duct tape and fold it over onto itself, leaving no sticky parts exposed. Then, the strip is measured around the wrist and trimmed to fit. The two other colors of duct tape are used to decorate the cuff. Using strip glue, bracelet fastener clips are attached to each end, and the needle nose pliers are used to add the bracelet fasteners to each clip.

A simple project is to decorate a table cloth using duct tape. By adding strips of duct tape along the center of a basic tablecloth, the tablecloth can take a fresh and modern look. Duct tape bunting is another easy project that simply requires yarn or string and duct tape. The duct tape is cut in various shapes and wrapped around the yarn.

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