What Are Some Fun Drinking Games for Two People to Play?


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Some fun drinking games for two people include Pinky McDrinky, War, Battleshots, Pyramid, Beer Pong and a number of games based on TV shows, video games and sporting events. Games centered around video games, TV shows or sporting events usually require the players to take a drink every time a certain word is said or a certain thing happens.

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Players of the Super Smash Bros Drinking Game take a drink when they lose a life or get hit by a bumper, but their opponents have to drink if the players get an invincibility star.

Pinky McDrinky requires three dice, one pink and two white. One person shakes the pink and white dice, while the other shakes a white die. If one player's white die matches the pink die, the other player takes a drink. If both white dice add up to seven, both players take a drink. If all three dice are the same number, the person who grabs the pink dice does not have to drink, but the other player does.

The drinking game War is played like the card game of the same name. Two players split a deck in half. On each play, they lay out the card from the top of their decks. The player with the lowest card takes a drink and gives his card to the other player.

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