What Are Some Fun DreamBox Online Games for Kids?


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DreamBox online games include activities where students place numbers on a number line, construct and measure polygons, snap blocks and create multiplication picture arrays. Games from DreamBox Learning have four adventure themes and hundreds of adventures that give kids grade-level math skills.

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A third-grade game teaches multiplicative thinking to students by having them snap blocks into place according to the factors given. The left side of the game screen shows an empty square with two factors, while the right side has several combinations of blocks. Students choose the blocks that correspond to the space available on the left. A voice provides instructions as the student works.

Another game teaches students where to place numbers on number lines. When a number line appears on the screen, through interactive tools, the student can place numbers on their corresponding places on the line. The game also teaches the concept of fractions as real numbers.

Constructing and Measuring Polygons I is a lesson game in which students build shapes by using sides of specific lengths. The game teaches the differences between shapes and their component lines, such as triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons.

Additional features of all the DreamBox Learning games are collectible Adventure Friends, Achievement Certificates and Carnival games.

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