What Are Some Fun Disney Princess Games?


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Fun Disney Princess games include “Double Trouble” featuring Rapunzel, “Cinderella’s Perfect Match” and “The Princess Journey” which features most of the princesses. “Princess Snow White” is also a fun Disney game.

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What Are Some Fun Disney Princess Games?
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“Double Trouble” involves helping Disney’s “Tangled” characters find their way out of sticky situations. Players use the arrow keys and spacebar to walk, jump, climb and hide and score points by collecting items such as posters. “Cinderella’s Perfect Match” involves matching different “Cinderella” characters hidden under her slippers before the clock strikes 12. Players click on the slipper cards to uncover and pair all of the characters before time runs out.

“The Princess Journey” includes helping the princesses find their powers and finish their journeys. Players click to select a princess, swap gems and earn special powers by matching more than three gems. A printable poster is unlocked when players complete the three levels of each princess game.

“Princess Snow White” includes three mini games that involve matching cards into pairs, setting a table and replaying music. Players use the mouse to click left and match similar “Snow White” character's cards in the memory game. They click and drag tableware to set the decoration game table and click on the dwarfs after listening to the music sequence in the game.

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