What Are Some Fun Dirt Bike Games for Kids?


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A couple of fun dirt bike games for kids are "Uphill Rush," "Beach Bike" and "Dare Devil." Players can find these games online at AGame.com and play them for free. The website offers other dirt bike-themed games as well.

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What Are Some Fun Dirt Bike Games for Kids?
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In "Uphill Rush," the players race against another person on a dirt bike. Each level of gameplay offers three difficulty settings. However, the player must master one difficulty setting before advancing to the next. The players race their dirt bikes up and down hills, performing flips and jumps and gathering up collectible items.

"Beach Bike" offers players the chance to race along a beach scene on their dirt bikes. There are many obstacles, such as beach chairs, boulders and trucks, to jump over. The players need to balance their speed constantly against the risk of flipping over and restarting the game and obtaining enough speed to get up the steep hills.

In each new level of "Dare Devil," the player must attempt and master a new, more dangerous trick. Players receive extra points for performing tricks while making tough jumps that include inclined ramps, and the player must stop after jumping to pass each level and move on to the next.

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