What Are Some Fun Crafts for Kids?


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Fun crafts for kids can include making puppets out of paper bags to use for imaginative play, or colorful sun catchers that can be hung in bright light to enjoy watching light shining through colored paper. Additionally, a fun craft for kids is decorating leaves with metallic pens.

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What Are Some Fun Crafts for Kids?
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Making paper bag puppets can be a fun craft activity for kids and these puppets can easily be made with a paper grocery bag and scraps of fabric. The fabric can be used to make the puppet’s hair and clothing and is glued to the paper bag with a glue gun. The eyes and mouth of the puppet are made by creating cut outs into the paper. The puppet’s clothing can be decorated by gluing on buttons and ribbons.

To make a sun catcher, small pieces of tissue paper are cut or torn into a variety of shapes and adhered onto a piece of waxed paper that has been painted with liquid starch using a paintbrush. An additional layer of liquid starch is then placed on top of the pieces of tissue paper. After the wax paper is allowed to dry, it can be hung in a bright window to allow the colorful paper to be illuminated by the sun.

Leaf doodling with metallic pens is a fun craft for a child as it allows him to experiment with shapes and colors. Fresh or dried leaves can be used, although pressing and drying the leaves allows them to last longer. An added layer of mod podge applied to a dried leaf can also help the leaf last longer. Metallic pens can be used to draw and color decorative designs onto the leaves.

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