What Are Some Fun Craft Ideas for Toddlers?


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A few craft ideas for toddlers include paper rainbows, torn paper collages, decorated cereal bowls and pine cone bird feeders. Toddlers can also make play binoculars with minimal help from an adult.

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What Are Some Fun Craft Ideas for Toddlers?
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To prepare a paper rainbow craft, the adult helper must gather red, orange, yellow, green and blue construction paper as well as violet paper and white paper for the backing. The adult then cuts the paper into large squares and lets the toddler arrange them in an overlapping pattern on the white paper, attaching them with a glue stick. The toddler can then glue cotton balls to each end to resemble clouds. For torn paper collages, the adult helper tears colored construction paper into small pieces and lets the toddler arrange them on white paper using a glue stick.

To make a decorated cereal bowls, the toddler can use permanent Sharpie markers to decorate a plain white porcelain bowl. To make a pine cone bird feeder, an adult helps the toddler spread peanut butter on a pine cone, roll it in peanut butter and dry it before hanging it on a tree. To make play binoculars, the toddler colors two toilet paper rolls with markers, and the adult ties them together with strings.

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