What Are Some Fun Company Picnic Ideas?

What Are Some Fun Company Picnic Ideas?

Fun company picnic games range from sports, such as football, softball and volleyball, to team-building activities, such as relays, potato sack races and water balloon tosses. Other ideas include having performers present shows and organizing relaxation activities.

Games appropriate for a company picnic can also include horseshoes, paddle boats and pony rides. Some more relaxing games to play at a company picnic include trivia, bingo and karaoke. Since participants can play these games in the shade, they allow people to escape the sun during the picnic.

A picnic may include hired or volunteer entertainers, including magicians, tarot card readers, palmists or henna artists. Another fun idea for a company picnic is to have a dunk tank, which gives employees the chance to soak a boss or department head.

Another idea for a company picnic is to hold a raffle. Employees can ask for donations from other companies to offer as prizes. It is fun to have one big prize designated as the grand prize. The raffle also causes everyone to gather together at a certain time during the event.

Some ideas for children at a company picnic are sack races, egg tosses and wheelbarrow races. Children also enjoy caricature artists and face painters. More elaborate company picnics can include carnival game booths.