What Are Some Fun Coin Tricks?


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Fun coin tricks include pulling coins from thin air, the coin through a glass of water trick, the coin in a bottle trick and the coin in a balloon trick. Fun coin tricks such as pulling coins from thin air and the coin through a glass of water trick require minimal preparation, while the illusions of putting a coin through a bottle or balloon require the use of preplaced magnets.

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To achieve the fun party trick of pulling a coin from thin air, the magician must secretly squeeze a large coin between the first finger and the fleshy part of the thumb. The magician must then hold the hand out so the coin faces up and the back of the hand faces the audience. This position conceals the coin. The magician then makes a quick motion with the hand to grab the coin between the index and middle fingers, then presents the coin to the audience or onlookers.

Fun coin tricks such as the coin through a glass of water involve minimal preparation. The magician must lean a coin in the glass behind his hand, then pour water into the glass. The audience cannot see the coin, as long as they view it side-on. The magician then creates the illusion that a coin appears inside by rotating the glass behind his hand.

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