What Are Some Fun Christmas Games to Play?

Fun Christmas games to play online include "Christmas Balls," "Devilish Christmas" and "Santa's Chimney Trouble." All of these games and more are available to play for free at KiZi.com.

In "Christmas Balls," the player must determine the best way to get the same color Christmas balls into the present boxes. This requires cutting the string or strings in the correct order so the ball uses all of the available help to reach the package of the same color. This game offers numerous levels that get harder on each new level with additional balls and obstacles to get them in the present boxes.

"Devilish Christmas" tests how well the player pays attention to small details. Side-by-side are almost identical pictures with a certain number of items changed. It is up to the player to identify the differences in the two pictures. The changes range from small color changes to missing items. Once the differences are identified, the player sees a new set of pictures to determine the differences.

The player must complete a chimney for Santa Claus to find his way into the house to leave presents in "Santa's Chimney Trouble." Possible pieces of the chimney are available one at a time to place with various openings in different directions. The player must create an open path in the correct direction for Santa.