What Are Some Fun Card Games for Adults?

Card games such as UNO, poker, blackjack, gin rummy, euchre, hearts, war and Crazy Eights are all great adult card games. Adults enjoy a variety of card games, including some childhood favorites, such as go fish and Old Maid.

UNO is played using a specially printed deck of cards by Mattel. Poker is played according to a variety of rules using cards from a standard deck. Common variations of poker include Texas Hold' Em, baseball, five- card draw and seven-card stud. Blackjack is played with a dealer and at least two players who try to reach 21 with the cards they are dealt without going over.

Gin rummy is played with two or more players trying to create matching, consecutive sets of cards in their hands before the other players. Euchre is played with four players in teams of two trying to take tricks during the game. Hearts is played with players passing off heart cards to other players to avoid point penalties, and war is played with at least two players where they try to win all of the cards by having larger cards. Crazy Eights is played with two to seven players, all trying to shed their cards first to win the game.