What Are Some Fun Brain Teaser Puzzles for Kids?

Fun brain teaser puzzles for kids include riddles, Rebus puzzles and "what am I" questions. These types of games and questions make kids and adults both stop and think. The answers vary from obvious to tricky, so predicting how the question will go is almost impossible.

Riddles have been a favorite pastime of people for centuries. They are often included in books and movies as a clue to treasure or a secret entrance. Some popular riddles include the Sphinx riddle, which asks, Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?" The answer to this riddle is "man." The riddle refers to the various stages in human development from birth to death.

Rebus puzzles are picture puzzles that give words or numbers arranged in an odd fashion. These are intended to make someone think of a name, phrase or work. A good example of a Rebus puzzle is the image of the word head placed above the word heels. The solution to this puzzle is "head over heels," which refers to an expression that someone might say when they are in love with someone.

What am I questions give hints and clues about something and these are used to guess what the item or creature might be. An example of this type of puzzle is, "What starts with p, ends with e and has a thousand letters in it?" The answer is a post office.