What Are Some Fun "Ben 10" Games?


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Some fun "Ben 10" games include "Duel of the Duplicates," "Zombozo's Big Score" and "Galactic Monsters Collection." The Cartoon Network website allows players to access these and other games for free to play as often as the player wants.

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In "Duel of the Duplicates," the players must protect Plumber Base from a hoard of evil duplicate aliens. In an alien form, the players navigate through the base, collecting energy balls and zapping the evil aliens. To get through doors, the player shoots energy balls at them. This game features three different levels of game play.

"Zombozo's Big Score" provides the player with very specific goals for each level. The player must accomplish each item before moving on to the next level. In the game, the player collects coins and destroys or avoids the evil robot clowns. Throughout the player's run, there are energy boosts available to keep Ben's health rating positive.

In "Galactic Monsters Collection," the players decide if they want to play as Wolfblitzer or Snare-Oh. Each character offers five levels of gameplay. Both characters offer special abilities to aid in the game, such as a supersonic howl to move items out of the way. The player moves through the world gathering up energy balls and reaching the final goal.

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