What Are Some Fun Bakugan Toys?


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Some Bakugan toys are the Mechtogan, Bakusolo, Baku Trinity and Sky Raiders figurines. The Bakugan Mechtanium Surge battle arena is a board that is used to play the Bakugan game. Find a full listing of Bakugan toys at Bakugan.com.

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The Mechtogan and Mechtogan Titan figurines are auto-transforming action figures that come with activator and ability cards. Sky Raiders are core Bakugan that jump when rolled on a gate card. They include a metal gate card and an ability card. The Bakutrinity set comes with three die-cast metal Bakugan figurines and one metal gate card and ability card each.

To play Bakugan, a minimum of three Bakugan, along with three gate cards and three ability cards, are required. The general gameplay rules allow up to two Mechtogan, Mechtogan Titan, Mobile Assaults, Battle Gears or Traps, and up to three BakuNano.

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