What Are Some Fun Apron Patterns for Kids?


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Some fun apron patterns for kids are the Froggy, Mario, Luigi and Basketball patterns. Snow White, Dora the Explorer and Cowgirl are other apron patterns. Superheroes are also novel apron themes.

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Download the froggy pattern from the Redfly Creations website to make it for a small child. Sew the frog motif on with a zig-zag stitch, and use a permanent market to draw the eyes and mouth. For aprons featuring the popular video game characters Mario and Luigi, print out the "M" or "L" template, and cut them from fabric. Use an iron-on stabilizer to make it easier to sew them on to the apron. Make the Basketball apron with the same pattern but a different motif.

Another fun apron pattern is Snow White. Make this cute apron from blue, white and cream fabrics, and embellish it with red ribbon. Use fabric featuring the cartoon character Dora the Explorer to make a child's apron. Make fabric flowers as the finishing touch.

Another apron that uses fun patterned fabric is the Cowgirl apron. Sew the apron from cloth featuring horses or other Western motifs, and make the tie from velvet.

Make aprons from red and blue fabric with Superman or Spiderman logos. The Spiderman apron uses red patterned fabric to mimic the texture of a spider.

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