What Are Some Fun Adult Obstacle Course Ideas?


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Some fun ideas for an adult obstacle course include a bear crawl, a crab walk and a frog jump. For the bear crawl, have participants move across a space on hands and feet. In the crab walk, participants walk similarly to the bear crawl, but have their stomachs facing up. In the frog jump, participants move across the space jumping like frogs, starting in a crouched position and jumping up and forward.

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Some other ideas for adult obstacle courses include grouping tires on the ground for people to step in as they move through the course and adding an A-frame wooden structure for climbing up and sliding down. Additionally, the course can require a set amount of push ups or jumping jacks betweens tasks.

Another idea for an obstacle course is to create a path through a man-made pool of water with stones that are set far apart for participants to walk on. Jumping rope is another possible addition to an obstacle course. Participants can also be asked to kick a soccer ball around a set of cones.

If a basket ball hoop is available, it can be used to create an obstacle in which participants shoot baskets from different spots. This is facilitated by marking three numbered spots on a driveway from which everyone must shoot and make a basket before moving to the next obstacle.

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