What Are Some Fun Activities to Do at Home?


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Some fun activities that families can do at home are have a costume night, have an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt, do a puzzle, plant some seedlings, make a time capsule, play board games, have a movie night and work on a family scrapbook. The websites Parents, Today's Parent and Family Education are good resources to find many of these fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. A fun family game is Sardines, which is a version of Hide and Seek, notes Family Education.

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What Are Some Fun Activities to Do at Home?
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This game entails a person hiding and others trying to find him. When a person finds a hider, she must also hide in the same place. As more people find the hiders, the hiding place becomes more crowded like a sardine can. This site has tons of fun activities, such as making time capsule with personal items of each family member, which is buried in the yard or hidden in the home. This site also has activities for rainy days, including an indoor treasure hunt and obstacle course.

The Today's Parent and Parents sites also have ideas for making crafts, such as finger puppets, charades and games like indoor bowling and hopscotch. These sites also have activities for younger children, including listening games and a sensory box. Parents can make a sensory or touch and feel box from an old shoebox by cutting a hole at a side. Parent place items in the box so that the child can identify them by touching them through the hole.

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