What Are Some Fun Activities for Children?


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Overcoming an indoor obstacle course and playing golf using newspaper are fun activities for children. The obstacle course is easy to make with household objects, such as chairs, laundry baskets and beanbags.

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Parents can design an age-appropriate obstacle course that fits their children's capabilities. They should consider the indoor space when creating routes. It's a good idea to make a simple course initially and expand it as the children overcome each obstacle. Setting a timer makes the children more excited to finish the course quickly. Most kids enjoy completing up to 10 stations.

A good start for an indoor obstacle course is crawling under or over a group of chairs. Next, children can pass under a rope between two chair legs and jump out of Hula-Hoops. They can walk safely on a balance board, shoot a beanbag into a laundry basket and balance beanbags on their heads while running. They can also somersault from one station to another, perform a handstand if they are capable and do 10 jumping jacks.

To play newspaper golf, parents can roll up pieces of newspaper and tape them firmly to create golf clubs. A sheet of paper or masking tape represents makeshift "holes" on the floor. The children use the newspaper golf clubs to hit a golf or tennis ball toward the hole.

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