What Are Full Body Silicone Dolls Used For?


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Full body silicone baby dolls are kept by collectors who appreciate their hyper-realistic features and who often treat them just like they are their own babies. This behavior is associated with a subculture known as "reborning." The dolls are called "reborns," and their owners are known as "reborners."

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Much attention is paid to making the reborns as realistic as possible. The artists who construct the dolls create them from materials, such as silicone and soft vinyl, that resemble the look and feel of a baby's body, and they painstakingly detail the dolls to the point they are sometimes even mistaken for living infants. Reborners receive documentation, such as birth and adoption certificates, when they buy dolls to simulate the adoption of a real baby. The actions engaged in by the "parents" of these dolls may closely mimic the activities practiced by real parents on their young children such as feeding and bathing them and taking them on walks in a stroller.

The motivations and reasons reborners have for keeping such lifelike dolls vary. For some, the subculture is merely a hobby, but for others reborning is much more significant. Some reborners who have lost children in the past use the silicone dolls as analogues they can take care of in place of the ones they have lost.

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