What Are Some "Frozen" Games?


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Some online “Frozen” games include “Olaf’s Fancy Footwork” and “Double Trouble.” “Block Party” and “Olaf’s Freeze Fall” are also good online games. The Monopoly Junior Game “Frozen” Edition is a fan-favorite board game.

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“Olaf’s Fancy Footwork” involves helping Olaf dance. Players press keys similar to the blue arrows that reach the golden signs at the bottom of the screen to score, and earn extra points by timing the arrows accurately. “Double Trouble” requires players to help Anna on the journey to find her sister by pressing the arrow keys and space bar to move, climb, jump and use a grapple. Players score points by collecting objects such as coils of rope along the way.

“Block Party” involves helping Kristoff and Sven collect blocks of ice to sell. Players drag the mouse and release forms that match the shapes displayed on the screen. They also collect items such as flowers to use for shopping and click left or right to stack the harvested ice and fill up the cart. “Olaf’s Freeze Fall” requires players to help Olaf find and attach his missing body parts by using the arrow keys to move and jump.

Monopoly Junior Game “Frozen” Edition is suitable for young children ages 4 and above. The game features “Frozen” characters and involves trading Arendelle locations to collect the most cash, melt freezing hearts and win.

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