What Are Some Four-Letter Words to Use in Anagram-Based Word Games?


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Some four-letter words for anagram-based word games include "stop," "beat," "race" and "cars," according to EnchantedLearning.com. Anagrams are words or phrases in which letters can be rearranged to form new words or phrases. For example, the letters of the word "stop" can rearrange to form "pots," "tops" or "post."

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"Beat" can form "abet" and "beta." "Race" rearranges to form "acre" or "care." "Cars" is an anagram of "arcs" and "scar." Additional four-letter words include "seal," which is an anagram of "sale" and "ales"; "eats," which is an anagram of "sate," "seat" and "teas"; "meal" is an anagram of "male" and "lame"; "lips" can form "slip" and "lisp"; "leap" is an anagram of "plea," "pale" and "peal."

Anagram games help children build vocabulary and spelling skills. Anagrams date back to ancient times and were strongly influenced by Latin. Medieval philosophers used anagrams to stake their claims to discoveries before publication of their discoveries. For example, Robert Hooke declared, "ceiiinosssttuv" for "ut tensio, sic vis," which is Latin for "as the tension, so the force" to stake his discovery of Hooke's Law in 1660.

Today, anagrams have practical applications in real life. They can be used for informal encryption, generating passwords and mnemonics.

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