What Are Some Football Games That Allow You to Make Your Own Characters?

What Are Some Football Games That Allow You to Make Your Own Characters?

The "Madden NFL" series has a Create-a-Player function that lets the user create a character from scratch. Some older football games, such as "NFL 2K5," also have this feature.

"Madden 25" and "Madden 15" place this feature in the Customize tab of the main menu. The Create-a-Player screen opens with a form of personal information that the user fills out. This includes information about the character's first and last name, age, college, team and hometown. Other information about how the character is used on the field, such as his position and handedness, are also customizable options.

Once personal information has been entered, the user can change the character's physical appearance. The character's weight, height, skin tone and facial features are some of the customizable options. The user can also change the equipment that the character uses, including his helmet, his facemask and his pads.

The character's game ratings can be manipulated. Abilities such as strength, speed, catching and awareness can all be raised or lowered by the user. The character's on-field traits can also be customized, including the character's tendency to fight for extra yards or his ability to make sideline catches.

In both the "Madden NFL" series and "NFL 2K5," some gamers use the Create-a-Player function to recreate historical NFL players, which is possible because of the detailed customization both games offer. Instructions to build famous players, including Cris Carter, Bruce Matthews and John Elway, are found on online forums for both games.