What Are Some Free Football Games?


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Some free football games that people can play online include “Linebacker 2” and “Ultimate Football.” Both of these games are available to play for free on arcade websites such as ESPN Arcade and Game.com.

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In “Linebacker 2,” players take control of a linebacker who is the last line of defense to stop a running back from scoring. They use the arrow keys to control the character and the space bar to do a jumping tackle. When the running back isn't on the screen, a yellow arrow points to the area of the field that he is in. The game features 15 stages for players to enjoy, with each stage getting progressively harder.

In “Ultimate Football,” players take control of the quarterback, moving him using the left and right arrows and hitting the space bar to throw the football. Players have to complete a pass to the receiver while avoiding the defenders. The farther away the pass in “Ultimate Football,” the more points the players get. They can miss five passes before the game is over. Having the other team intercept the ball doesn't count as a missed pass. Players have a five-minute time limit to see how high they can get their scores.

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