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"Dog Pile," "Petris," "Throw the Dog a Bone," "Foozle Tiles" and "Cat in the Candy Store" are some FooPets games that can be played online in the FooPets Arcade at FooPets.com. Winning players earn FooGem rewards, and trophies are awarded to players with the daily high scores. Individual games can be played for free, or players can earn FooDallar allowances that can be used for competition play by adopting and breeding FooPets and decorating scenes for their pets.

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Players can test their aim by dropping swinging blocks and building towers in "Dog Pile." Four perfectly centered blocks earn a double Dachshund block that is easier to stack and earns bonus points. "Petris" follows the design of the popular 1980s arcade game "Tetris." Players move and rotate falling shapes to create full and clear lines. Clearing rows and completing levels earns FooGems.

Throwing a bone at different patterns of dogs and trying to touch as many as possible is the goal for "Throw the Dog a Bone." Touching all of the dogs with one bone earns a bonus. "Foozle Tiles" is a puzzle game where players change tile locations to rebuild the original picture. In "Cat in the Candy Store," players must maneuver the cat to collect groups of candies, but selecting single candies costs the kitty a cupcake.

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