What Are Some Food Games for Children?


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Some food games for children are "Toca Kitchen 2," "Papa's Pizzeria" and "Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit." "Toca Kitchen 2" focuses on creative food play, while "Papa's Pizzeria" is about cooking restaurant food and "Cooking Mama 5" features cooking food from traditional step-by-step recipes.

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What Are Some Food Games for Children?
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"Toca Kitchen 2" lets players open the refrigerator and take out any ingredients they choose, from carrots and broccoli to prawns and sausages. After selecting ingredients, players modify those ingredients using kitchen tools, including knives, blenders, grills and ovens. Players experiment by making food different ways and observing whether their guests enjoy eating the new dish. Children can serve up strange combinations, such as prawn and potato smoothies, frozen fish or baked spaghetti and rice.

"Papa's Pizzeria" gameplay involves cooking pizza orders as customer tickets dictate. As the game progresses, topping combinations become more demanding. Players must choose the right dough type, add cheese and toppings, cut the pizza and serve it. Quick service time and high order accuracy leads to tip money, which players can spend on oven upgrades to make their kitchen experience more efficient.

"Cooking Mama 5" allows children to master one recipe at a time, ranging from traditional American comfort food to exotic recipes from different cultures. Between cooking up chicken nuggets, raisin bread and pork cutlet rice bowls, players venture away from the stove top to care for Mama's pets, go on grocery trips and deliver meals around the neighborhood.

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