How Do You Follow a Woodcraft Pattern?


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Follow a woodcraft pattern by buying a full-sized pattern, and tracing the wood pattern lines onto your wood, using the pattern transfer paper. Make sure you are laying out the pattern transfer paper ink-side down so that all the lines are transferred onto your wood, according to The Winfield Collection.

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These instructions work for both cutting and painting a woodcraft project. If you are planning to paint both sides of your project, you need to use two layers of transfer paper rather than one. Make sure you put the transfer paper on the bottom layer ink side down and on the top layer ink side up. The resulting mirror images should make it easier to get a professional-looking effect.

Do not try to transfer square or rectangular pieces of a pattern. It is easier to use the measurements from the diagram or instructions to cut the wood out with a saw that has an edge guide, such as a table saw. Following straight lines from a woodworking pattern is much more difficult, than following measurements.

If the pattern calls for fitting pieces of wood together later, make sure you cut each piece just outside the pattern line, to ensure a good fit, advises Woodworking.com. You can always shape it better after it is cut, but you cannot put wood back that is already cut.

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