How Do You Follow a Cross Stitch Pattern?

To follow a cross-stitch pattern, read the chart and color key to understand the symbols listed on the chart and find the corresponding symbols on the grid. It is also important to follow arrows, as these point out design centers.

Cross-stitch patterns are usually represented as grids. To understand the pattern, use the following steps.

  1. Read the pattern requirements
  2. Patterns list important details such as final stitch count, required fabric for the base and required threads to create the pattern.

  3. Learn the chart symbols
  4. Black and white charts usually use symbols to represent different colors. These are often listed in the chart instructions. Charts can also use symbols to represent different stitches. Half stitches are listed as diagonal lines and French knots are listed as dots. Any additional specialty stitches are listed in the instructions with a corresponding symbol. In color diagrams, half stitches are represented as squares that are half filled in, three-quarter stitches are represented as triangles and quarter stitches are represented as diagonal lines.

  5. Find the symbols on the grid
  6. Look at the grid and find the corresponding symbols for the design. In a black and white grid, one color symbol usually represents one cross-stitch for that color. Any additional symbols indicate other stitches. In color diagrams, full cross-stitches are always fully colored in. Partially colored squares indicate other stitches.