How Do You Follow Free Book Folding Patterns?


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The method for following free book folding instructions depends on the pattern. For example, some patterns require you to print off a pattern and use it on each page of a book, while another requires simply folding the same way repeatedly.

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Craftsy.com features a free pattern that transforms the pages of a book into a three-dimensional heart. For this design, it's necessary to download the pattern and print it. From there, the instructions lead you through aligning the pattern onto each page of the book and folding it accordingly. The site lists the instructions as beginner level.

A free pattern from FrugalUpstate.com doesn't require any tools to create a three-dimensional diamond out of a paperback book. To create this design, rip off the front and back covers of the book. Fold a triangle on the first page by folding the top and bottom corners so that their edges align with the straight edge. Repeat this procedure with each following page until you reach the end of the book. It's also possible to vary the folds to create a different design.

SeeSawStore.com features a free tool to create your own pattern for book folding. After printing the template, use a blade and ruler to transfer the lines to the edge of a closed book. From there, insert the template into the book, and start folding according to the transferred lines.

The template consists of book page numbers, lines and the text. While folding, stop periodically to ensure the folded pages line up with the template.

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