How Do You Fold a Snowflake?

How Do You Fold a Snowflake?

To fold a snowflake, fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally, then in half again, and finally fold the triangle in thirds. The paper is now ready to be cut into a snowflake. Use different cuts to create a variety of different snowflakes.

  1. Fold the paper

    Take a square of paper, and fold it in half diagonally to create a triangle. Fold this triangle in half to make another smaller triangle. Fold this smaller triangle into thirds, and once the sides of the triangle are aligned, crease the folds. Fold multiple snowflakes using different-sized squares of paper.

  2. Trim the ends

    The triangle that is folded into thirds has uneven ends. At the bottom, cut off the overlapping ends to create a neat triangle.

  3. Cut the snowflake

    Cut out a variety of shapes from the paper triangle. Use both straight and curved lines. Be sure to leave some of the folded edge intact, because the snowflake falls apart without it. To make different snowflakes, experiment with different cut shapes.

  4. Decorate with the snowflakes

    Carefully unfold the cut triangle to reveal the snowflake. Hang the snowflakes with monofilament, or attach them to windows or to the wall with poster putty.