How Do You Fold a Simple Origami Flower?

fold-simple-origami-flower Credit: Phil Payne Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

An origami flower can be made by getting two colored squares of paper, folding each of the pieces into the flower and stem shapes, and connecting the flower and stem together. This can be done with minimal experience and with a limited amount of time.

The flower should be started with the color for the flower facing up; it should be at a 45-degree angle in a diamond shape. The bottom corner should be brought up to meet the top corner. The resulting triangle should be folded in half from corner to corner. Each bottom part of the triangle should be brought up to line up with the center fold that was previously created. The outside corners of the flower can be folded back to make a tulip design. A hole should be made at the bottom of the flower.

The stem of the flower can be made by folding several times lengthwise. Leaves can be added to the bottom of the stem for a more realistic look. These leaves can be created by folding a piece of paper that is the color of the stem into several triangles. The stem and leaves should be attached to the flower by inserting them into the hole that was made.