How Do You Fold a Paper Star?

How Do You Fold a Paper Star?

To fold a paper star, place a sheet of appropriately sized paper horizontally on a flat working surface, fold it vertically in half, mark the bottom edge's center point, and fold the paper's left top corner to this mark. Then, fold the paper appropriately to make a diamond shape, cut the topmost triangle's lower corner in half, and unfold the paper to reveal the star.

Begin folding a paper star by placing a paper sheet measuring 8 1/2 by 11 inches on a suitable working area such that its long side is positioned horizontally. Bring the left short edge of the sheet over the right short edge, and crease the fold carefully. With a pencil and ruler, mark the center of the sheet's bottom edge correctly.

After folding the left top corner of the sheet to the mark, fold the sheet from its left lower corner so the fold matches the previously folded edge.

Fold the sheet's right top corner beneath the entire sheet so its edge is aligned with the previously created edge. The paper should now appear like a diamond with an end more elongated than the others.

Now, identify the triangle present on the top layer of the folded paper, and snip its lower corner with a pair of scissors. The paper should form several triangular layers. To unfold the paper, start with the cut triangle, and pull it away from the remaining paper. This should reveal a perfect five-pointed star.