How Do You Fold a Paper Boat?

How Do You Fold a Paper Boat?

Fold a paper boat by first forming a simple paper hat, then folding the corners up and pulling the corners apart. This takes only a few minutes, and you need a single 8 1/2 by 11-inch piece of paper.

  1. Fold the paper into a square

    Fold a piece of paper in half along the long side of the paper. Fold it in half again to create a square.

  2. Make a hat

    Unfold the last crease so that the paper is only folded in half. Fold the right and left corners down to the centerfold creating a tent-like shape. Fold the bottom flap on one side of the paper up. Turn the paper over, and fold the other flap up. It should now look like a hat.

  3. Fold the hat into a diamond

    On both sides of the hat, pinch the center fold at the bottom, and pull the halves apart until a diamond shape forms. Flatten the paper.

  4. Fold the bottom corners up

    Fold the bottom corner of the diamond up. Flip over the diamond, and repeat the process on the other flap. The shape should now be triangular.

  5. Pull the paper apart

    Pinch the sides of the paper again, and pull the triangular shape apart. Flatten the paper so that it has a diamond shape again.

  6. Pull the corners apart

    Grab the triangular corners on either side of the diamond, and pull them down, forming the rest of the boat.