How Do You Fold Money Into Shapes?


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Create shapes with a dollar bill using traditional Japanese origami techniques. You can fold a dollar bill to make an origami butterfly in about 5 minutes.

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  1. Make the initial creases

    Start with the dollar bill face up. Fold lengthwise, crease, and unfold. Fold at the center, crease, and unfold.

  2. Bring both sides to the center crease

    Fold the left side from the bottom corner, and bring it to the center crease. Fold the right side from the top corner, and bring it to the center crease.

  3. Tuck in the excess edges

    Flip the dollar bill over. Fold the top protruding edge along the top of the dollar bill, and tuck the edge underneath the upper layer. Repeat for the bottom protruding edge of the dollar bill.

  4. Fold one half over to the other

    Flip the dollar bill again. Fold the bill at the center, and bring the right half over to the left side.

  5. Rotate the bill

    Rotate the dollar bill clockwise 90 degrees. Fold the right and left sides at a 45 degree angle to the bottom of the bill. Let the sides pop back up. These folds create the wings of the butterfly.

  6. Finish the butterfly

    Flip the dollar bill over, and fold in the middle of center triangle. Crease and unfold. The dollar bill now resembles a butterfly.

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