How Is a Foam Finger Made?


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Foam fingers are made by thermally sealing two pieces of foam together to make a mitt for the hand to be inserted into, according to AmeriFoam. The process has been changed since 1978, when it was invented by a high school teacher and sports enthusiast named Geral Fauss

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How Is a Foam Finger Made?
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The foam finger was made to show support for a high school football team and as a project and as a fundraiser for an industrial arts class; the art class produced the foam fingers themselves, according to About.com. Geral Fauss founded Spirit Industries, a sports merchandising business, in 1978 for the mass manufacturing and distribution of foam fingers. In 1979, the first polyurethane foam version of the product was produced by Spirit Industries, according to About.com. Originally, the foam was in the shape of a hand, holding up the number one. Since then, the foam finger can be seen at various sporting events and rallies as a visual symbol of support. The fingers are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles that can be customized for any occasion. The flexible foam used to make foam fingers is the same foam used in mattresses, tennis shoes and a variety of other common products, according to FoamProps.com

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