How Do You Fly in Pandaria?


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In World of Warcraft, flying in Pandaria requires purchase of the Wisdom of the Four Winds passive ability. This ability is available from Alliance and Horde trainers beginning at level 90. The Alliance trainer for this ability is Cloudrunner Leng, and the Horde trainer is Skydancer Shun.

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Find both of these trainers in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms zone. Learning this ability requires having learned all previous ranks of the flying and riding abilities. Players must also have access to the Mists of Pandaria expansion in order to access the Pandaria region of the game.

Players who have at least one character that at level 90 can also purchase the Grimoire of the Four Winds in-game item to teach the ability to characters level 85 or above that have also obtained all previous riding skills. This means that each player must reach 90 at least once in order to train the skill on lower-level characters.

Wisdom of the Four Winds is a passive skill in the game. Each passive ability has no cost to activate and applies only to the specific character that obtains it. The ability has no cool down and may be used while mounted, activating automatically and remaining active once purchased.

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