What Are Some Flowers That Do Well in the Shade?

Some flowers that thrive in the shade are Lily of the Valley, Begonias, Hydrangea, Bleeding Heart, and Jacob's Ladder. All of the above plants are perennials or plants that live for more than two years. Perennials live longer than annuals and biennials, which have much shorter life spans.

Lily of the Valley, a woodland clustering plants, is a group of tiny white flowers that give off a sweet fragrance in spring and summer. Begonias, another perennial plant, come in a variety of beautiful colors and blossom during the summer, thriving in shady spots with few other plants nearby. Hydrangeas also come in a variety of colors and sizes and do best in afternoon shade.

Bleeding Hearts, like the Lily of the Valley, are native to woodlands and love the shade. Jacob's Ladder is an outstandingly adaptable perennial. It can thrive in both shade and sun and can adapt to being near to other plants in a garden. Interestingly, there are some perennials that don't do as well when sharing space with other plants. Begonias, mentioned earlier, are one such plant.

Other plants that do well in the shade are Violas, the Cowslip Primrose, Jerusalem Sage and Alpine Forget-Me-Not. It is good to note, though, that certain plants require different types of shade. For example, the Alpine Forget-Me-Not needs dry shade. However, other plants may like shaded areas that are more moist and humid. Research is recommended prior to planting to ensure the plants have the best conditions possible in which to grow.