What Are Some Flight Simulator Games on the Internet?


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"Flash Flight Simulator," "Sky Kings Racing" and "3D Flight Sim Rings" are three flight simulator games on the Internet. "Flash Flight Simulator" is available at Learn4Good.com, "Sky Kings Racing" is provided at FreeOnlineGames.com and "3D Flight Sim Rings" is available at AirplaneGames365.com.

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In "Flash Flight Simulator," players are able to build a career in the aviation industry. A variety of planes are available to fly, ranging from the Wright Brothers plane to modern commercial planes such as the Boeing 737. In Free Flight mode, players are able to fly without danger, while the Missile Evasion mode challenges them to avoid getting hit for as long as possible.

"Sky Kings Racing" is an arcade flight simulator. Players are tasked with completing objectives by finishing courses as quickly as possible. Medals are awarded for quick times, and Fog Coins are earned for fast and skilled performances. Fog Coins are used to unlock levels if players are unable to complete them.

"3D Flight Sim" tasks players with flying their fighter jets through rings without crashing. Players earn points by passing through rings and keeping the plane in the air. Players progress through the levels by achieving high scores. As of 2015, "3D Flight Sim" has a 4.5-star rating at AirplaneGames365.com.

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