How Do I Fix a Scratched PS2 Game?


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Fix a scratched PS2 game by gently rubbing the scratch with furniture polish and a soft cloth. Using car wax instead of furniture polish also works as well. Some people use toothpaste or purchase special equipment to remove scratches.

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  1. Check the disk for any debris or deep cracks

    Before applying the furniture polish, make sure there is no dust or dirt on the game. Additionally, make sure that the game is only scratched and is not cracked.

  2. Apply furniture polish to the cloth

    Shake the can of furniture polish well, then spray a tiny amount directly on the scratch. If you choose car wax or toothpaste, dab a dot or two on the scratch.

  3. Rub out the scratch

    Beginning in the center of the disc, rub the polish over the scratch with the soft cloth. Rub the cloth in an up and down motion; do not rub in a circular motion.

  4. Wipe the rest of the disc

    Clean off the entire disc with the soft cloth, then run the disc under warm water for a couple of seconds. This removes any dust or extra furniture polish.

  5. Allow the scratch to air dry

    Set the disc on a clean surface, and allow it to air dry. If the scratch is still present, repeat these steps.

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