How Do You Fix the Red Ring of Death?


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If you have purchased your Xbox 360 within the last three years, send your console to Microsoft for a warranty repair. Microsoft extends their manufacturer's warranty on the original Xbox 360 to three years for two specific hardware issues: the E74 fault and the red ring of death. Microsoft also recommends ensuring your power supply light is green and plugging the device into a different power outlet.

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If the power supply light is orange and changing power outlets does not fix the problem, purchase a new power supply to fix your red ring error. If your console is out of warranty and the issue is not the power supply, sending it to a third-party repair service or repairing it yourself are options. To repair it yourself, disassemble the entire console to access the main board. Repairing the red ring of death error requires removing and reapplying thermal paste on the heat sinks, CPU and GPU, as well as replacing screws and washers on the main board.

Another option is to purchase a newer version of the Xbox 360 console. The newer slim version of the console is redesigned and not susceptible to the red ring error. This is the best option if you do not have the technical skill to perform electronics repairs yourself.

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