How Do You Fix the Elevator in the Silph Company Building in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The only way to make the elevator of the Silph Company building work in Pokemon SoulSilver version is to have the Pokemon Rotom as the first member of the player's party. Even after the elevator is fixed, it will only take the player to the basement of the building.

The Silph Company building is located in Saffron City behind Mr. Psychic's house where players can obtain the TM Psychic, which is the most powerful move for Psychic type Pokemon in the game. Although the building has 11 floors, only the first floor is initially available because the elevator is broken.

Nintendo introduced Rotom in the fourth generation of Pokemon games, and players can catch it in the Old Chateau in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. However, Rotom is absent from the SoulSilver version, which means that players must trade it from Diamond Pearl or Platinum to be able to make the Silph Company building elevator work.

After Rotom activates the elevator and takes the player to the basement of the building, five appliances are available to change Rotom's form to the Fan, Frost, Wash, Mow or Heat form. Each form has a different special move that Rotom can use in battle.