How Do You Fix a Broken Sink in the "Virtual Families" Application on the IPod Touch?


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To fix the sink in "Virtual Families" for the iPod Touch, drag an adult to the workroom. The adult will automatically grab a wrench and go to the bathroom and fix the sink.

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"Virtual Families" is developed and published by Last Day of Work, also referred to as LDW. It is a real-time, casual family video game, There are many common daily events that happen randomly like fixing a sink and other domestic malfunctions that need repair. You may adopt one of thousands of little persons and help them find work so they can afford to buy necessities. You can also help them find a mate and guide them in raising a family. They can participate in many leisure activities.

There are fun mini puzzles around the house to solve. The day and night cycles correspond to your device's system clock so that when it is daytime in your city, it is daytime on "Virtual Families." You can earn over 100 trophies during the game. The people in your virtual family are entirely trainable, and you can influence their personalities through scolding and praising. You can also play doctor using their illness system. There is an "Official LDW "Virtual Families" Game Guide" available that is full of hints, strategies, insights and secrets. "Virtual Families" won the Mom's Choice Award Honoring Excellence.

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