What Are Some Free Fishing Games?


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Some fishing games that people can play for free include “Sport Fishing” and “Lucky Fisherman.” Both of these games are available to play on Y8.com and other arcade websites. “Sport Fishing” is a realistic fishing game, whereas “Lucky Fisherman” is more of an arcade-style fishing game.

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In “Sport Fishing,” players choose to fish at the Amazon River, Mekong River or in the deep sea. At the start of the game, only the Amazon River is available. After choosing a place to fish, players choose the bait. Catching fish earns them money, which they can use to buy new equipment. Once they go out fishing, clicking the “return to shore” button ends that session.

To play “Sport Fishing,” players have to use a computer mouse to cast the fishing line to an area of their choosing. Once a fish bites, they can keep clicking the space bar to add tension to the line. They have to be careful because too much tension makes the line break. When the line gets close to breaking, it starts turning red.

In “Lucky Fisherman,” players have a time limit to reach a certain score. They earn points by reeling in fish and treasure chests. Their score at the end of the time limit serves as their in-game money to buy items from the store. They use the down arrow on the computer keyboard to cast the fishing line when it's lined up with the fish that they want to catch.

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