How Do You Finish a Quilt?

How Do You Finish a Quilt?

Finish a quilt by trimming threads from the top of the quilt as well as inspecting the stitching around the outer edges. Prepare the backing, then decide between machine quilting or hand quilting to complete the quilt.

  1. Trim the top quilt

    After piecing is complete, inspect the top of your quilt for any loose threads. Trim them from the front and the back. Make sure to get any dark-colored threads that may show up behind lighter colors. Finally, check the edges of the quilt top. If the outer edges are pieced, add a stay-stitch approximately 1/8 inch from the edge.

  2. Prepare quilt backing and batting

    To guarantee enough batting and backing, you must make them at least 4 inches wider than the quilt top on every side. Most manufacturers offer extra-wide backing fabrics for purchase. To achieve the proper backing size, you usually need to piece the backing. The batting, however, comes in a wide variety of pre-cut sizes to meet most standard quilting needs.

  3. Choose your quilting technique

    There are a variety of finishing techniques, primarily hand quilting or machine quilting. After it is quilted, finish your quilt by trimming the edges and binding the entire piece. Another option is to send it out to a professional quilt finisher for the final steps.