How Do I Finish the Poster Duty in "Kingdom Hearts 2" Within 30 Seconds?


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To finish the poster duty mission in 30 seconds in the video game "Kingdom Hearts 2," obtain at least three of Sora's forms at the maximum level. Use abilities such as the level three high jump, aerial dodge and glide, and take the best route to place 20 posters around the area in 30 seconds.

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  1. Level up Sora's abilities

    To complete this mission in under 30 seconds, maximize Sora's maneuverability. Equip Sora with the level three high jump, the level three aerial dodge and the level 3 glide abilities.

  2. Start at the billboard

    Start the challenge by reading the Help Wanted billboard. It is in the center of the Tram Common area of Twilight Town. From the starting point, jump up, and use the glide ability to go straight to the poster spot on the side of the building right in front of you.

  3. Go to the next three poster spots

    Use the aerial dodge ability after placing the first poster. Then, glide around the corner to the left. Place three posters in poster spots there.

  4. Place posters on the green-roofed building

    Use aerial dodge and glide to go to the building with the green roof behind you. Place two posters on this building. Use aerial dodge and glide to get between them.

  5. Place four posters by the blue junction box

    Glide to the back wall of the area. Place a poster over the blue junction box on the wall. Place three posters on the building above it.

  6. Return to the first building

    Use aerial dodge and glide to go back to the first building. Place a poster on the opposite side of the building from the other posters.

  7. Glide to the red-roofed building

    Glide across to the tall building with the red roof. Place a poster there. Glide around the corner to the right, and place another poster on the awning. Continue in that direction to place the next three posters.

  8. Jump down

    Jump down to the lower landing, and place the next poster. Glide across the street to place the last three posters on the back wall.

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